Photobook co-curated as part of a knowledge transfer workshop with Gil Pasternak, Leicester Progressive Jewish Congregation and Project Polska now published

Recovering Connections: Poles, Jews and Our Interrelated Heritage is a photobook featuring fragments of the lives and feelings shared by members of Leicester’s Jewish and Polish communities through their own photographs in an attempt to reconnect with their interrelated history and culture. Now published by Independent Publishing Network, it is one of the outcomes of a community engagement series of workshops led by Gil Pasternak in collaboration with President of Leicester Progressive Jewish Congregation Miriam Levene and Chair of Project Polska Barbara Czyznikowska in November-December 2019. In opening up a space for the two communities to explore and understand the multiplicity of their personal, historical, and cultural connections to the Polish country, the workshop series coupled with the production of the book were designed to nurture an understanding of the role digital technology plays in framing, negotiating, and redefining cultural heritage. This was achieved through the use of analogue cameras along the creative process as a means to identify and notice how non-digital modes of social engagement and representation differ from digital ones, thus how digital technology changes and challenges the ways we consume imagery, interprate past realities and engage with historical memories.

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