Gil Pasternak delivers the keynote lecture in a conference on photography and political violence at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Saint Petersburg State University, 6 December 2019

On 6 December 2019 Gil Pasternak delivered the keynote talk at the conference Photography as a Tool of Representation of Political Violence in the 20th Century, which was organised by the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Gagarin Center for Human Rights and Civil Society at Saint Petersburg State University. Entitled “At Home with ‘Palestine’: Performing Historical Photographs of the West Bank in Israeli Households”, Pasternak’s talk offered insights into the multiple roles played by popular photographic cultures in the embodiment of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Israel of the post-1967 Arab-Israeli war period. It specifically focused on the participation of photographs that Jewish-Israelis captured within the West Bank in performances and celebrations of Israel’s 1967 war victory. Sketching the lives that the photographs have lived in the Jewish-Israeli household since 1967, Pasternak argued that they helped Jewish-Israeli citizens cement their perceived historical relationship to this territory at the same time as they reassured the travelers, their friends and families that their morality was intact, the country was secure, and their relationship with the Palestinians was affectionate. Pasternak then examined how the photographs in question have over time become absorbed into digital heritage projects and what role they are made to play today as visual historical documents in state-endorsed digital archives in Israel.

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