Malin Thor Tureby participates in a workshop on museum ethics at the Museum of Movements in Malmö, Sweden

On 10-12 November 2019 a group of professionals, communities and scholars gathered to discuss issues concerning the Museum’s potential employment of oral histories and personal narratives, paying particular attention to themes such as community engagement, research, collecting, archiving, curating, and exhibiting sources, and the sustainability of projects more broadly. The workshop was organised to consider ethical guidelines regarding research, and the collecting, archiving and dissemination of oral histories and personal narratives in the context of the museum sector. This, ethical guidelines project, aims to develop a set of principles that can guide museum practitioners in their work and when engaging with different communities and members of the public. Its objectives are to position respect for human dignity at the front and centre of the work cultural institutions carry out, to establish museum practices that will encourage the meaningful participation of historically marginalized voices, and to address the unequal distribution of power within museums. Approximately 30 individuals participated in the event to share their local, national or international experiences and expertise.

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