Gil Pasternak delivers a guest lecture at the University of Wolverhampton (UK) on uses of photographs in political and cultural diplomacy

On 8 November 2019, Gil Pasternak was invited to deliver a talk to students and members of the public at Wolverhampton School of Art, the University of Wolverhampton. Entitled “Photographs in Interpersonal Relations and Cultural Diplomacy”, Pasternak’s talk discussed the relationship of photography with political, social, and civic affairs. He used this opportunity to demonstrate the significant role that photography has played in the organisation of collective interpersonal relations since its first appearance in the nineteenth century, as well as in the formation of connected cultural knowledge and memory, since the medium’s absorption into smart communication technologies, social media, and digital archives. In particular, Pasternak explored the ways in which photographs are used in our time to manage identity politics, preserve cultural heritage, and overcome as well as administrate cultural conflicts through institutional, professional, and communal digital heritage initiatives. The event concluded in a Q&A session and panel discussion with Geoff Broadway (Director of The Living Memory Project), Anand Chhabra (Director of Black Country Visual Arts and founder of the Apna Heritage Archive), and Pasternak.

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