A masterclass with Gil Pasternak on digitised photographic cultural heritage delivered at Episkopi Primary School for British Service Families

As part of a knowledge-transfer partnership between DigiCONFLICT’s UK research team and University of Leicester archaeologists from the Ancient Akrotiri Project, on 25 October 2019 Gil Pasternak co-delivered a masterclass on digitised photographic cultural heritage to year 6 pupils at Episkopi Primary School for British Service Families. Intended as an enrichment educational activity to their history curriculum, the lesson was titled “‘Old’ Photographs as Historical Sources in a Digital World” and it included many interactive exercises. Among others, the pupils were guided to consider photographs as historical primary sources, identify the advantages and limitations of photographic digital heritage, and explore what can be learnt about the history of British-Cypriot relations from the digitised versions of photographs that Pasternak helped scan from albums of Cypriot families living in Cyprus’ British Overseas Territory. To cement photographic and digital literacy alike, part of the lesson revolved around digitised photographs originally produced in Victorian England, which was one of the historical periods the pupils were studying at the time. The masterclass was designed and delivered together with Mireya González Rodríguez, Director of the Outreach and Community Engagement Programme of the Ancient Akrotiri Project.

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