Gil Pasternak curates a digital photographic public display in one of the British Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus

On 27 October 2019 the photographic display Voices from Our Photo Albums opened to the public in the Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre in the village of Akrotiri, located within one of the British Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus. The occasion signified the culmination of community engagement activities that Pasternak carried out in Akrotiri earlier that month, facilitated by archaeologist Mireya González Rodríguez as part of a collaborative partnership between the DigiCONFLICT UK research team and the Ancient Akrotiri Project that runs by researchers from the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester (UK). Having digitised family albums of members of the local community, Pasternak established a digitised photographic collection capable of encouraging members of the British and Cypriot communities to engage in inter-communal explorations of local cultural heritage and their interrelated histories alike. As well as demonstrating the value of family photographs as socio-culturally informative historical sources, the display was designed as an interactive social means to enthuse more members of the local community to volunteer to develop a digital heritage archive. With approximately one hundred individuals visiting the space on the opening day, the display proved to have been a great success.

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