Malin Thor Tureby delivers a keynote talk at the workshop Choosing the Past: Whose stories do we tell?, Gothenburg university, Sweden

A collaboration between the Department of Historical Studies and the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies at the University of Gothenburg, and the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History and the Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo, the workshop Choosing the Past: Whose stories do we tell? was held on 20-21 May 2019. Its purpose was to critically evaluate the role of historians in the production of narratives about the past, present and future. These stories are used actively to shape and preserve memories and identities on both an individual and group level, operating on various levels. They are personal, local, regional, national and global. Although they facilitate the creation of communities, a sense of belonging, and shared interests and values, they can also be excluding. Titled, “Oral history and Narratives as Cultural Heritage”, Thor Tureby’s talk explored how oral history can be used to include or exclude immigrants and refugees in cultural heritage.

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