Gil Pasternak delivers a paper on photographic heritage practices in the Jewish Landkentnish Movement (1926-1938) at the University of Brighton, UK

On 30 January 2019, Gil Pasternak was invited to contribute to the international research symposium Photography and Resistance: Reflections on Photography as a Medium of Resistance and as a Resistant Medium, organised by Dr Kylie Thomas in the School of Humanities and the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics at the University of Brighton (29-30 January 2019). Pasternak delivered the paper “Battling Xenophobia in the Polish Homeland: Photographic Education and Practices in the Jewish Landkentnish Movement (1926-1938)”, to explore the photographic methods that the Poland‑based Landkentnish (Yiddish for “knowing the land”) movement employed in the interwar period to preserve Jewish Heritage, promote Jewish culture, and establish Poland as a home for the Jewish people at a time when Polish nationalism arose. Based on the results of a collaborative research with Polish photography scholar Marta Ziętkiewicz, the paper discussed the origins of the Landkentnish movement, the photographic sources and resources it created, the exhibitions it put on display, and its employment of snapshots and illustrated magazines. Drawing on extensive archival research and surveys of the movement’s surviving publications, the paper Gil delivered demonstrated how photography assisted the movement in contesting Polish historical amnesia by evincing the deep-rooted historical connection between the Jewish community of Poland and the Polish land.

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