Gil Pasternak delivers professional development session for heritage documentarists at Rishon Le Zion Museum, Israel

On 13 November 2018, Gil Pasternak delivered a professional training session on uses of family photographs in cultural heritage digitisation and digitalisation initiatives. Titled “A Particularly Photogenic History: On Family Photographs at Home, in Public, and in Digital Heritage”, the session was held at the Rishon Le Zion Museum (Israel) as part of a professional development workshop organised for community coordinators of the Ben-Zvi Institute’s project Israel Revealed to the Eye. During his session, Gil explored the history and development of family photography from the nineteenth century to the present day, assessing conventional practices, functions, and distribution technologies. He then investigated a selection of significant instances in which family photographs have been brought into social, cultural and political environments, discussing what made family photographs, as otherwise private types of objects, most fit for purpose. Lastly, in the final part of his session, Gil analysed the growing interest in family photographs in state-led and grassroot community cultural heritage digitisation and digitalisation initiatives. The session’s overall intention was to equip heritage documentarists with knowledge and understanding of the multiple social, cultural, and political uses of family photographs in general, and their scholarly and academically perceived connection to tangible and intangible forms of cultural heritage in particular.

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