Malin Thor Tureby and Jesper Johansson delivered a presentation about the DigiCONFLICT research project at the Oral History Association Annual Meeting at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada

Malin Thor Tureby and Jesper Johansson delivered a paper presentation about the research project DigiCONFLICT at the Oral History Associations Annual Meeting, which was hosted at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada on 10-13 October 2018. Their presentation discussed the aims and research questions addressed by the DigiCONFLICT research project, with specific focus on the Swedish research team’s case study, entitled “Oral History as Digital Heritage in the Age of Migration”. Among other aspects, the presentation considered the theoretical and methodological approaches used in that case study, especially in relation to the research field of oral history, which was the scientific framework of the event.

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