DigiCONFLICT Research Consortium

Digital Heritage in Cultural Conflicts

DigiCONFLICT is a Research Consortium funded by the Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage. Its founding research partners are based in the United Kingdom, Poland, and Sweden, each exploring the impact of digital heritage in nationally framed cultural conflicts. While acknowledging the role digitalization plays in shaping transnational attitudes to cultural heritage, members of the DigiCONFLICT Research Consortium contest common convictions about the allegedly universal and democratic nature of digital heritage. Also recognizing the role digital heritage plays in increasing access to cultural heritage and in making cultural heritage products readily available across borders, they pay particular attention to the ways in which digital heritage reflects and frames given societies as well as their complex historical and cultural power structures.

Alongside academic and scholarly outputs, members of the DigiCONFLICT Research Consortium deliver conferences, workshops, talks, public outreach, and community engagement events to explore and demonstrate the various strategies and practices that different professional, ethnic, national, civil and other interest groups anywhere in the world employ in order to advance their agendas through the use of digital heritage.

Founding Partners

Gil Pasternak, Project Leader and Principal Investigator for the UK research team

Professor of Photographic Cultures and Heritage in the Photographic History Research Centre at De Montfort University (DMU), UK.

Ewa Manikowska, Principal Investigator for the Polish research team

Assistant Professor of Art History at the Institute of Art in the Polish Academy of Sciences (participating through Society Liber pro Arte, Poland).

Malin Thor Tureby, Principal Investigator for the Swedish research team

Professor of History in the Department for Studies of Social Change and Culture (ISAK) at Linköping University, Sweden.

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